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Prizerebel has been giving me freebies since April 2008. See the picture collage below? Those are some of the items I've received from using their website. I didn't spend a single dime on these swags, not even for shipping.

 What's the catch? 

I didn't spend a single cent from my pocket on any of these items. I didn't give out my credit card, sell my soul, or ritually sacrifice my cat (that I don't have). So what's the catch? Your time and patience. 

What do you have to do? 

You fill out study surveys or advertisement offers and you earn points (money) from doing them. 
For instance, Example A shows a study survey offer from PR. You can see how much it pays, how many times it's been credited, the last time the offer was credited, and most importantly, what you have to do. I usually find offers that have a high number of "Times Credited" because it shows that the company pays out! 

Example A: Study Offer

There's also advertisement offers. You get paid to look at ads. I recommended saying "No" to each offer - you still get paid whether you get the offer or not. When I first started PR, all they had was ad offers. Some offers require your email address. I highly recommend making a new email dedicated to doing these offers. You will need a valid email address because sometimes you may need to confirm the email. You don't want to spam your real email with these confirmations (plus, I think they sell your email).

I found a hack called "Fizix's Point Gainer" that automates ad offers (I don't know if this still works, I haven't done an ad offer for a long time). It's a Firefox add-on that says "no" to all the offers automatically. You can let this app run in the background and earn points while doing something else. Here's a youtube video on how the add-on works. You can also see an example of what an ad offers looks like in this vid. Check out (did not make this video, but has good info) Fizix's Point Gainer Video   

I'm Prizerebel Platinum Member

Prizerebel was founded around 2007, I started early 2008 - I'm a senior member! I'm not as active as I used to be, but I still check back once in a while to see my referrals points. Oh, referrals! If you enjoyed this article, please sign up through my referral link Thanks!

My PR Stats as of Feb 10, 2014 (100pts = $1)

Why I Use Prizerebel

Once upon a time, there was a poor highschooler who wanted to get all these video games and odd gadgets like cellphone watches (now called smartwatches), but didn't have the money for it. She couldn't really work (for various reasons) and she didn't want to be a burden and ask for money to buy useless swags. 

She scoured the internet for money and stumbled upon websites promising riches and cash for surveys. She signed up for A LOT of them. Some are slow payers, some are too complicated, some closed down after a year. She focused on three sites: Inboxdollars, Gaminglagoon and Prizerebel. Prizerebel was the best. It paid out the fastest, had great support, an active forum and an easy to navigate website. 

She still uses PR when she wants to buy games and gadgets and doesn't want to waste her hard earned cash from her real job. 

Try Prizerebel

It doesn't require money, doesn't cause pain (unless you have arthritis and clicking hurts for you) - there's really nothing to lose, but your time. Skip out on watching Cat videos for a few minutes and Sign Up for PrizeRebel ►

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