Crowdspring: Design Your Way to Extra Cash

Crowd, what?

Find an interesting project, create a design and win money. Yes, Crowdspring is like a contest website.

What are my chances?

I first tried Crowdspring during my freshman year of college. I was an aspiring graphic designer. I had no portfolio and barely any experience. I wanted to make money by doing freelance design jobs on my spare time, but there's just one problem - no one would hire me because I had no experience.

After being turned down or receiving no response from other freelance websites, I was starting to lose hope. Then I found Crowdspring. With Crowdspring, clients base their judgement on your entry for the project, not your past experiences or qualifications. I had the same chances of winning a project as someone who had 5-10 years of experience.

What if you are not that great of a designer?

I barely even knew what graphic design was when I started at 2008. I did some art in high school, I took a few art classes and even some computer design classes. I knew how to use the digital applications to make the logos, but, initially, I didn't know anything on how to make an effective logo.

After around 20 unsuccessful project entries, I finally won my first client. I know many might see this as a waste of time, but I developed rapidly as a designer in this competitive environment. I didn't see non-winning projects as losses or a waste of time. I looked at the winning design, studied it, and took it as inspiration for the next project.

You can see my transformation here. was my first win!

How much did I make? 

I made $6,925 in about a year. This doesn't have to take too much time. I was a full time student taking 18 hours and I was even active in extracurricular activities. I would sneak design entries in between classes or boring lectures (which I don't recommend - always pay attention!) Sometimes I would win $150, sometimes up to $1000 - it was an exciting hobby!

Am I still on it? 

I'm not active anymore, but I wouldn't mind going back. You can potentially build a client base from your winning projects. I've had returning clients who contact me directly now for design jobs. I've also built a portfolio with my winning and even non winning entries which I've use to show potential clients.

I built my design foundation on Crowdspring. I now work for Verizon Wireless as a Web Designer and I think that my experience from this help me become the designer I am today. See My Portfolio ►

On the side note, I was a featured designer on Crowdspring. See the Interview

Ready to make your own design adventure? Visit Crowdspring ►


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