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Who isn't always looking for money? Money can't buy happiness, but it sure helps!

Cash Hunter Princess

I Personally Tried All These Sites

This blog will be compilation of personally tested ways of making money online. I'm cheap, really cheap, and I will not post anything where you have to invest a single penny in order to make money. All these ways will only ask for your time investment. Give Netflix a rest for a couple of hours and make a few dollars instead!

Beware Of Scams

By the way, if you come by any website that ask you to make any monetary investment in order to make money, that should raise a red flag! The whole point is to make money, not to give any away! Unless you feel charitable, then feel free to donate to me.

Don't Quit Your Day Jobs

These tips are literally, just "extra cash." For example, you can make an extra 20 bucks for filling out a survey study or get a free video game for completing ad offers - things like that.

Coming Soon

Later on, I might blog about scholarship hunting and doing freelance design jobs. This, on the other hand, can potentially rack in larger amounts of cash. I bought my first house in cash with extra scholarship and freelance money. I also managed to get free trips abroad via scholarships. The scholarships paid for my school, dorm, airfare and I even had extra for pocket money.

Why Am I Doing This? 

Why am I taking my precious time writing this blog and spilling my money secrets instead of using this time to make more money? This is actually an experiment. I want to know if people can make money by writing blogs. The topic was between this, make-up, or an electronic review blog. This topic seems the most exciting to write about (money is always exciting!) If I earn more that a dollar from the google ads, I'll write a post about this blogging experience also.

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